Indian Cricket team in submission

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“I think we have nothing to lose at this point in time,” Ashwin said after the first day of the 4th test match between India and Australia. Everyone was expecting what happened on Day-1 where Australia; what no one knew who would shine and it was Clarke and Ponting once again notching up their 100s. We do look for a potential double-hundreds tomorrow.

However, when I was reading this article all I could think of was that these are not words of encouragement – it simply tells send a message that they have resigned. It is natural to say that between two opponents the one who has less to loose generally takes more risks. We have seen many spirited performances from upcoming youngsters in different games. However, for a team of the caliber of India where they have the best test players in the side and are world champions this statement to me reflects weakness than strength.

In the same article, Ashwin speaks of missed opportunities but does not talk about what they are going to do it. It is like “we know we have to go places, just dont know how to walk”.

Being a fan who wants to see his country do well, I am no longer interested in what was not done and what missed out, I can figure that out myself. I want to know what are you going to do about it when the same thing happens next time. I want to hear messages that give me confidence on the team.

Today, in my life I was checking Australian Open scores and cricket only dawned upon me when I went to cafeteria during lunch, and by then the day was over. Just goes to show no matter how much I love my cricket team, unless they showcase confidence, unless I see them making effort I am not going to be round to cheer for them. Results are important, but I also want to see them working when the chips are down and Ashwin simply does not reflect it in his statements.



And then there is media. In an another article they state the following. Really do you think so? Comeon grow up

The captain MS Dhoni was unable to find a way to break through that combination, and he might have been glad of his suspension for slow over rates as he watched Sehwag struggle with a similar scenario in Adelaide.

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