2012 Goals

Looking back the year 2011, it became crystal clear to me what was required to be done in 2012 and unlike me – this time around I came up with Goals I would like to achieve in 2012. After some thinking, I decided not to call them as Resolutions; but look at them as Goals. My Goals will be categorized into 4 categories. I will share some specific goals with you all while some private ones I am going to keep “private” (this didnt come out that well). But, for the private ones, I will share a higher level of description so that you do understand where I am going with them.

I have come up with 18 Goals for the entire year of 2012 – and all of these have to happen all around the year. I have categorized these under – Finance, Health, Quality of Life and Wisdom.

Read the details on my blot here – http://blog.kapilvirenahuja.com/2012/01/02/2012-goals/.