Why this Kolavari Di?


Image by The Fayj via Flickr

Start of the Last month of year 2011 posed a very challenging and a life altering situation. I was provided with a choice to let go of my current career and dive into a brand new career to start a journey towards a hopefully better tomorrow. It was something that I have been thinking for almost 8 years now.

It all started off in August 2011, when with lots of questions and challenges and us knowing that we have to follow a path that will lead us to success. However, four months down the line it all crumbled (will be lost in a few days) just because I was not upto it when the time demanded it – or so I chose to. I was asked to “Risk it all” and I was just not ready. Either ways, it was life altering – it showed me who I am and helps me understand the level of risk I am willing to take.

The good part is that it brought in open a side of me that I was not aware of – “Absolute Calm when everything around me was blowing up”. I did not panic and started to run all over. I was calm and tried everything that I possibly could to save my initiative. Until, I was left with only one option – let go of my career and jump in to take control. But, the risk was just too high. I had so many lives attached to mine that it was putting everything at risk and not just my career.

Somehow, my biggest takeaway from all this a newly found confidence that re-affirms my faith in myself that I can still do it. But also allows me to realize that it is something that I will not do at the risk of my family – no matter how much it may disappoint me.