Support for Anna?

Anna Hazare - Delhi
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India against Corruption started a few months back when a Anna Hazare come up with a Lok Janpal Bill to fight against Corruption. However, started to heat up a fortnight back when Anna went on fasting as protest against the government. The whole Country is behind him and why not he is doing the right thing – trying to eradicate corruption from India. In just two weeks there are several forums that have come up to support this movement. A few have been linked below. I am sure there would be a twitter because I can see applications for mobiles too.

All the people I meet and speak with about this, or even those whose opinion I can hear are in full support of Anna. However, for some reason I am not – and it is because of his methods to fight corruption.

I feel that there could have been ways to fix this problem. Going on a fast and asking public to come support you in this fashion where a smallest of mis-understanding can send India into riots. More so there are so many chances that people will use this situation for their advantage and hurt others. If you have seen the movie Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai, you would know what I am talking about. Team Anna says this is democracy and we have the right to protest. They blamed Government for arrest of Anna arrest which was to avoid such a situation. However, like always when we are so into a motion we forget what are the downsides of it. We just think on our circumstances and forget there are so many other people involved who will not think your way and their way may harm someone.There is no movement worth supporting if it has potential to hurt people.

So, the question remains if this is not the right way, then what is? I am sure everyone would have watched Nayak, that is my answer to fighting corruption. Anna has the support, why can they not setup their party and fight elections; get elected by the people. Once the people have elected them, they should fix India. And being in power, they can fix so many other things – so why just corruption. Today, when Team Anna is asking Government to accept the Jan Lokpal Bill, they are essentially asking to make laws – that is not how you run a country in a democracy.

To top it all there are controversies around the methods of fast and fast itself. I do not know how true these are, but at the top there is a level of politics that we just can not understand. We are common man and we see things in a very common way. I wish Team Anna can fix India but I pray in the process they do not hurt India.


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Kapil Viren Ahuja

Christened Kapil Ahuja at birth, I took my middle name in year 2001 (dont ask why) I am Kapil Viren Ahuja who is a "Son to Narendera and Saroj", "Brother to Aparna and Manisha (Neelu)", "Husband to Preeti" and "Dad to Aabhya". Who is Kapil? Christened Kapil Ahuja at birth, I took my middle name in year 2001 (dont ask why) I am Kapil Viren Ahuja who is a ~ Son to Narendera and Saroj ~ Brother to Aparna and Manisha (Neelu) ~ Husband to Preeti ~ Dad to Aabhya My family defines most of who I am. But, I am not just that. I am also a Technical Evangelist at heart working in IT industry for last 10 years.

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