God’s role in Karma

Wen god pushes u to the edge of difficulty,trust him fully.Coz only 2 things can happen Either he’l catch u when u fall or he will teach u how 2 fly

This was posted by my sister-in-law on facebook and it led me to re-think a very old belief that I have had.

We can trust in God only if we have Faith; and if we have Faith, trust will come naturally.

I am confused because  if you know nothing can go wrong then that means we dont have a role to play. The only choice we got is to jump. I believe that God gives us choices – Jump or not. One will have a bad consequence like – We dont jump we dont learn to fly or we jump and we get hurt. The choice is ours and we dont know what leads to what makes is more difficult.

I have believed for a very long time, that everything that happens, happens for a reason and that reason is always good. God does takes care of us. I dont want to let go of my belief, but I have started to believe in Karma a lot more and how it shapes our life. And, currently I am finding it difficult to put these two together.

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Kapil Viren Ahuja

Christened Kapil Ahuja at birth, I took my middle name in year 2001 (dont ask why) I am Kapil Viren Ahuja who is a "Son to Narendera and Saroj", "Brother to Aparna and Manisha (Neelu)", "Husband to Preeti" and "Dad to Aabhya". Who is Kapil? Christened Kapil Ahuja at birth, I took my middle name in year 2001 (dont ask why) I am Kapil Viren Ahuja who is a ~ Son to Narendera and Saroj ~ Brother to Aparna and Manisha (Neelu) ~ Husband to Preeti ~ Dad to Aabhya My family defines most of who I am. But, I am not just that. I am also a Technical Evangelist at heart working in IT industry for last 10 years.

3 thoughts on “God’s role in Karma”

  1. Heya…. I am of the view that whatever has happened in the past we humans tend to accept the reason and we somehow find a way to categorize that reason as something good. Its basically the law of universe that nothing is constant, even we, one or the other day accept the changes around us and announce it as good 😉


    1. It is a pity that we have to categorize everything that happened as “good” or “bad” to satisfy our emotional needs. Only if we could just accept the actions that led to the event and move on. Categorizing just makes us not see it beyond the event – we just keep pondering the bad and enjoy the good and hamper our ability to improve and be a better person.

      Bhanje – it is contradictory but we are while; we are predictable in given situations. Think about yourself and people around you. Do you not know how someone around you will respond to a given situation. That is not change and it is my theory in previous para that leads us to being constant. Whether we see things as “good” or “bad” is because of what has happened around us in so many years – pessimists will see more bad and optimists will see more “good”


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