Life is as good as you can make it

Well, it is true. How happy or sad you are simple depends on how you deal with life and its challenges. Things can be very simple or they can be very complex – just think how do you want to handle them. Remember when you were a kid and you would do things that you would like to do – play, have fun. Tensions were very simple like need to finish your homework!!

Think now what has changed? You know many things around you that should make you happy. Look at your family – do you need anything else? Think real hard. I dont think so. So then why do we feel it that way. Because we want the best for people around us, the ones we love. Now what is the best – does it means the costiliest things are the best? Almost (almost) all of us think that way.  But that it not true. If you want to use a car to go to office which means driving through a crowded road in heat, all you need is a vehicle with 4 wheels that has an AC. What aditional purpose will a Ferari serve.

It is all in our minds, we want the costliest and not he best because we want to show it to others. This is a web that leads to only disontentment and nothing else.

Difficult, sure it is – I have still not reached where I should be, but am trying and believe me it helps. Try!!