I drive my car best, when I am not Driving

muscle_memory_bodybuildersI was talking to my team over the weekend and I observed a behavior. I went about thinking how best can I explain to them what I observed and the analogy I could up with me led me to think how I have learned to drive over the years.

It’s almost like I am not driving.

I have been driving a car for almost 2 decades now, and I drive my best when I can make impossible turns and overtake people when I am not thinking about driving at all. All of that is possible because of the muscle memory that I have built over time for my driving skills. Now when I am on road, i dont have to think if my car would fit in there, what speeds i need to be driving at, or what the other person will do when I overtake from one side or dive in a lane… all those just happen. It’s almost like I am not driving.

I reflect back on everything I do and I can easily co-relate that anytime I have spend time and effort in doing something over and over again, I reach a point when I have things committed to my muscle memory and I do not have to try hard. Thats how I have been working in my career and coding just like that. I have reached to a point that when I have to think too much I struggle with ideas and when I am not thinking too much or my first instincts/questions are on point. What this means is that when I see a curve ball being thrown at me, I don’t necessarily have a process which i fall back to – I rely on my instincts to decide what I do.

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