2015 in Retrospect


2016 has already started and first 12 days for me in 2-16 were vacationing with family inhttps://www.eusa.ed.ac.uk/societies/society/retrospect/
Dubai which meant that 2016 is already starting on an awesome note. While I loved the beginning, I wanted to do some retrospection on 2015 and follow it up with what I’d like to achieve in 2016. New Year’s haven’t been a good start for me since 2012. And while I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning I want to make the most of this positive beginning.


Start of 2015 was probably my all time low in last few years when I was struggling to find things I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted but the opportunities were limited. I was supposed to be leading several projects but it didn’t pan out so well. Starting In February, I

Abeer on his 1st birthday

was hit with a bad knee injury (still don’t know what caused it), but it basically forced me to rest for almost 8 weeks. April 24th was Abeer’s 1st birthday and it was a joyous time. He grew faster than I could imagine and I still remember that day so vividly.


I did start the year using my time @ home by playing Destiny a lot. by the time it was June-july, I started to realize that this past-time PS4 game was becoming more of an addiction which was affecting everything around me. After investing 1344 hours in the game, i decided it was time to let go and around October of 2015 I stopped playing the game for good. It was good while it lasted and i did make some good friends online.


On professional front, work wasn’t that great for first few months and also my health wasn’t helping. In May I joined a big account where the ask was to re-platform an existing product in CPG domain. I was tasked to lead the effort as the Solution Architect and by June 30th we had proven out the 3 key use cases that were key for the client’s success. 2015 finished on a high as the platform went live as per schedule on Nov 2nd and we were able to do a couple of releases since then. http://dove.com/in is just the start of what this platform will be. The creative team (again from Publicis.Sapient) did a great job with front-end designs on for Dove and we used SapientNitro’s IEA which made this a reality.


On personal growth front, I didn’t do exactly what I wanted to, and there were ample disappointments along the way. However, I did grow as a person overall. I did learn to be a more patient with things around me and was able to take out time and draw out perspectives which helped me in a big way in making some key decisions. And I am confident that in 2016, this will help me immensely as to how I will drive things froward.

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